Our Founder

Greetings, I am Carlos I. Rodríguez, and my friends nickname me Carlitos or Champin! In the summer of 2020, during the pandemic, I created my first business, which consists of turning a pair of tennis shoes into a work of art, a piece that you can use and feel identified with. It's about expressing who you are and what you like through art. At that moment my career as an artist under CYCUSTOMZ began. Weird name right? 😂


New starts

Not having any prior art experience, I taught myself by searching for YouTube tutorials from Dillon De Jesus, Reshoevn8r, and Angelus Direct. In the beginning, I only customized sneakers for friends and family. Then, with the opening of social media I was able to gain more recognition and started working with new people who didn't know me personally. For three years as CYCUSTOMZ I was able to make art for all types of audiences; from children as young as months old to professional athletes.



In 2023 I decided to change the image of my brand and make a transition to what you know today as WALKING ART! From this change, new opportunities, collaborations and projects have arisen that have been of utmost importance in my artistic career. I can proudly say that my art has traveled the world, we have managed to reach new places such as: Taiwan, Vienna and the United States! In addition, we were able to make art for different sports such as: basketball, volleyball, ball, softball and athletics! Some of these pieces have been used in Basketball World Cups, Pelota Classics, LAI Championships, LAI Jousts and concerts such as the Sauceboyz Fest.


The Walking Future

This year 2024 is special, since I complete my studies and I want to continue pursuing my career as an artist and entrepreneur full-time. Our work team is growing and we look forward to continuing to bring joy to your lives!

I appreciate every opportunity you have given me from 2020 as CYCUSTOMZ to the present as ARTE ANDANTE!


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